Do you struggle with chronic dieting, food restriction and negative body image? Can you imagine being free of all the headspace that dieting, restricting, and counting takes up in your life? I can help you step by step, get out of the this negative cycle and be restored to having balance in your life, so you can pursue a more fulfilling life. 

It is my passion to support clients who want to break free from these negative patterns. It is possible to find relief. I am a Certified Intuitive Eating Counselor and EMDR trained. I use Health At Every Size® principles to guide my practice when working with clients with chronic dieting, eating disorder and body image issues. I also have substantial experience in treating Substance Use Disorders, Depression and Anxiety and other conditions as well as coping with life transitions.

My practice, Body Peace and Liberation, is committed to creating a safe space for all members of the diverse human community.

Our mission advocates for size equality and body respect, and promotes Health At Every Size® as a compassionate alternative to the current weight-based paradigm to treating clients and patients of all sizes. We promise to raise awareness about self-acceptance, intuitive eating and the Health At Every Size® movement in order to create an anti-diet space that promotes inclusivity, diversity, health and social justice for all.

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